DMC: Devil May Cry has just been released and many of my friends have had a lot of trouble of getting every single collectible that this large game has to offer. In total there are 80 Lost Souls, 21 Keys and 21 Doors and I am here to help you get them all with the detailed guides Unigamesity has to offer! But you must have other power ups that you get while progressing in the game to get ALL of them!

So let’s start the guide to getting DMC: Devil May Cry collectibles with the guide to all collectibles in Mission 1.

The First Lost Soul is at the Tokens Booth, the Token Booth is were you get introduced to Bathos. This requires The Eryx to open it.

The Second Lost Soul is very visible while going through the level and everyone can obtain it, it looks like a booth were you get your tickets for rides at a carnival except a Lost Soul is stuck onto it.

The Copper Key is located really close to the second Lost Soul and is located to the left of it, you will have to do a little bit of jumping but not much and it will be very visible.

The third Lost Soul requires The Angel Lift and is located to the right of the Carousel, Once there just Angel Lift until you reach the end and the lost soul should be waiting for you!

The door is located inside the scary hallways to open this door you must of collected the Copper key that was shown previously in the guide the door is really hard to miss.

The fourth Lost Soul is located near the exit of the hallways and is right behind you, you can easily miss it but the pictures below should help out a lot so you don’t miss any.

And the fifth Lost Soul requires the Arbiter which is also located in the hallways, so destroy the door (that looks like it has lasers on it) it’s hard to miss, you will be able to find this when you are going to the exit. Once you are there just slam it with your Arbiter.

And the last lost soul is located to the left of the hallway – it’s pretty easy to spot just go to the room and look behind you.

That is the end of our guide if you followed the steps you should have Six Lost Souls, One Copper Key and you should of unlocked One Door, i hope this helped you get all the Collectibles on mission 1 and we will be releasing more to help you get them all.