So, you managed to defeat Mundus, took the fight to Vergil and beat the emptiness out of him? NO? Well, don’t worry, it appears that you are not the only one who didn’t and many gamers who loved DMC: Devil May Cry didn’t get to see the ending. Which is not really nice, because you are probably wondering how does DmC: Devil May Cry end!

Fortunately, you can do so without getting back to the game and having to wait to get there yourself. There is a video you can check out below showing you the DMC: Devil May Cry ending and I am sure you are really curious to check it out:

So, it actually ends with a twist and it’s kind of unexpected, right? So good you have watched the Devil May Cry ending, otherwise you’d certainly be thinking that it ended otherwise. But what do you think about the ending video? Nice enough or the devs should’ve put more energy into making the final minutes of the game?