Mundus seems like a very tough enemy in DmC: Devil May Cry, but the truth is that his limited set of moves and relative slowness makes it a pretty easy target if you manage not to get hit and you know how to take the fight to him. I am here to help you with that and share with you some tips on how to defeat Mundus in DmC: Devil May Cry. You will see that it’s a lot easier once you know his fighting patterns – which are always the same.

As soon as the battle starts, he will do the hand slam with both his hands, launching a shock wave on the ground, one that does a lot of damage. However, it’s pretty easy to avoid this by jumping it over.

Another attack that he keeps using is the fireball attack. You have no other option than to doge or demon dodge these – and don’t worry, as you wear him down the fireballs will be slower!

One real mess Mundus can do is the spitting thing, after you take out his hands. This does constant damage to you so the only option you’ll have here is to Angel Lift to the other roof. You will have to do this twice during the battle.

Finally, after you will take out one of his hands, he will use a shock wave with one hand and here you should lift to his hand while it’s in the air and hit it like a maniac.

So as you can see, Mundus doesn’t have a lot of attacks in DmC: Devil May Cry and he can be easily beaten. Try to anticipate his moves and be ready to hit him when he’s vulnerable. Basically, as soon as he hits his hands on the ground, you should Angel Lift to him and start striking – both hands have HP bars, so destroy one, then the other. With each hand falling, you need to Demon Pull his eyes out and when it’s just the head remaining (spitting fireballs at you), he is really easy to take down.

Hopefully this guide managed to teach you how to defeat Mundus and you’ll be ready to take the fight to him in DMC: Devil May Cry.