Welcome back to the DMC Devil May Cry Walkthrough, this is the third installment to the walkthrough covering mission three, this guide will provide every detail of the mission on telling you were to go and tips and tricks on how to defeat the vicious enemies that you will encounter, i hope your ready because things are about to get intense! So let’s check out the DMC Devil May Cry mission 3 walkthrough!

You start of in Limbo, Shielded Bathos start to attack just keep grappling them to you and attack them this is a much easier way, shortly Death Knights will spawn as well, use your Arbiter to defeat them, it’s really easy. Afterwards, another enemy will come – this one is a new type, it kind of looks like a Death Knight but with a Chainsaw. It tries to run into you with it so i would recommend to dodge it while it tries to ram you and then attack it from behind.

Once the Chainsaw enemy is killed Kat opens a portal back to the real world, go towards it when you get close enough the ground will start to crumble and it will try to block you from going, you will have to go another way and when you go back Lesser Stygian start to appear. These enemies aren’t hard, all you have to do is hit them with your arbiter or whatever melee weapon you prefer and dodge their attacks, they are the easier type of enemies.

The Chainsaw type enemies will start to spawn now, so be ready for that and dodge and hit them hard in the back, once you are done with the enemies, the camera zoom will go to the come closer description. Go towards that and just pull up to it, a Chainsaw enemy will be up there so be ready to fight them. Once you kill it, the blocked pathway will unblock and you will be able to proceed.

Keep on going forward until you reach the Angel Pull positions, just keep Angel Pulling until you reach the end. When you reach the end you will have to pull the platform in front of you and move onto it when possible – keep progressing to the platforms until another blue rose is visible. Dante will say “Another Blue Rose” when its in your sights.

Jump over to the Blue Rose (to get there, you must use the Air Boost ability). Once there, it will bring you to the weird looking place that you got a lot of your power-ups in mission 2, when there keep progressing from platform to platform. Eventually you will reach an Angel Pull position – keep pulling until you reach the end. Keep progressing and you will reach a Pull Position were you will have to pull the platform onto you. At the end you will reach the rock that look like it has lasers on it, destroy it with your Arbiter and you will return to Limbo, as soon as you return Bathos will come to attack you just pull them to you and attack them.

Death Knights will start to spawn below, take them down and then Lesser Stygian will start to attack once you take them down two of The Chainsaw enemies will spawn. The camera view will move to the blocked path and will unblock: that is were you must go. Air Boost onto the other platform in front of  you, a cutscene will then play and you will be out of Limbo then the mission will be finished!

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough for Mission 3 Of DMC: Devil May Cry! Stay tuned for more guides coming out everyday at Unigamesity.com or check out the previous guide!