It is still unclear when Animals will have their own Item category in Mafia Wars but Zynga is giving out one that can help boost your stats in game. To promote their new game, Treasure Isle, Zynga has a cross promo with a Reef Shark as a reward.

It’s simple to get the Reef Shark in Mafia Wars. All you need to do is to play Treasure Isle and gain three levels in Zynga’s new treasure hunting game, although you need to be at least Level 10 to earn the Reef Shark.

The Reef Shark has 55 Attack 24 Defense and is a definite asset to your inventory. Playing Treasure Isle is easy. You just need to click to start digging for treasures. I just started playing it today, finished the Tutorial and reached Level 2. Maybe in a week’s time I’ll be Level 10 and receive my Reef Shark. You just need to play the game at least once a day.

Playing Mafia Wars will also be beneficial for your Treasure Island. Every time you level up in Mafia Wars, you are eligible to receive a mystery fruit in Treasure Island. It could give you more energy you can use to find more treasures.