After going for a quick detour to Paris in Mafia Wars it seems that we’ll go a bit North and experience the new Challenge Mission in Mafia Wars: London! I’m really glad to hear that Zynga will still deliver us Challenge Missions and I’m sure that the British-themed one will be really successful. If you wish to find out all the early details about Mafia Wars London missions, read on!

Here is how the official description of the wiki teases Mafia Wars London:

“Begin your journey to merry ol’ England with Challenge Mission: London! But this trip is no cup of tea – you’ve been tasked with stealing one of the most prized items on the Earth… a Crown Jewel! You should expect to experience some royal pains in obtaining this priceless heirloom, from dealing with the British Secret Service, to escaping back to India where you will receive your final reward.”

The new Challenge Mission, London, will run over three weeks and in order to complete the missions we’ll need British Passport loot (similar to the Parisian Maps). At the moment of writing, this loot has not been yet implemented in the game, but it will be there soon.

There is no exact release date announced for the new Challenge Mission pack in Mafia Wars, but if you stay tuned with the Unigamesity, you’ll certainly find out as soon as the information is available!

Are you excited with the prospect of the Mafia Wars London Challenge?