Rail Nation is a browser-based online game from Travian, this simulation title brings back the old 19th century and replenishes the long gone age of the steamers. In this casual game, players can build a different type of empire, a rail station empire in which the surrounding buildings dictate the power level of your base. The whole purpose of this title is to keep your trains running and flowing from different points of merchandising, for this to happen without interruptions or intervals, you need to establish organized schedules. Besides transporting goods from different industries, players can install service commerce buildings around the main station, hotels and restaurants are two viable options. Upgrading those same buildings will increase the incoming cash, which can be used to obtain further motor engines and other train related materials. Nearly every building has direct influence on other buildings’ performance, for example the bank level restricts the upper limit level of your account and the engine house’s level dictates the amount of engines you can possess at a certain time. To purchase additional trains and expand your route network, you need to upgrade your main train station.

In order to execute long travels or carry heavy materials, players need to research new engines, they’re organized by several sections: tractive force, speed, reliability and acceleration. The more advanced your engines are, the more profit you can make out of your business contracts with the surrounding industries.

This game offers a social interface, where other players can place bets and investments in order to increase or decrease their fortune.