As the title’s name states, Fishing Hero is a fishing simulation game created by MNC Inc. and published by z8games. In this virtual world, players can become fishing masters by traveling around the world and catching exclusive types of fish. The rarest the better. In order to reach certain places players need to buy higher quality boats and advanced equipment too, as each fish has its particular way to be cached. There are several techniques to master as well, patience is your best ally in this game, sometimes you need to be quiet for a long period but waiting is normally compensating, as the prey won’t be able to resist for long. Players can experience different fishing experiences as catching a 500 pound shark isn’t the same as getting an African salmon.

Customization is a wide option in Fishing Hero, besides the fishing equipment, players can create an unique appearance by purchasing different clothes, shorts, shirts, hats, shoes and other accessories. There are a few skills too that will surely be handy when fishing, stunning is one of them. Soloing isn’t the only way in this game, organizing group fishing is possible and a necessity to catch certain major fishes. To show off your great deeds, you can also create, customize and expose your personal aquarium.