Spill Games in collaboration with GirlsgoGames announced today the release of Fashion Party Dress Up, a female title where players can assume the role of aspiring stylists and photographers. In the world of fashion not everything is as it seems to be and progressing towards fame and success can be extremely challenging at times. This game explores some of the major jobs related to fashion; accepting career tasks and solving certain problems will be in the hands of players. With around one hundred clothes, it’s possible to create endless combinations of sets and costumes but only the most elegant fashion will prevail.

The company explained the gameplay mechanisms:

In Fashion Party Dress Up, aspiring fashionistas get to play at being stylists and photographers with animated 3D models. There are 100s of different clothes and accessories to choose from – so the fashion possibilities are nearly endless. Players buy clothes at the shop, then style their model, choose a location and take snaps of the model as she poses.

Fashion Party Dress Up is currently available on iOS and Android.