What does this mean? Well, when the Federal Communications Commission passes a product, the retail version of said item is deemed viable for sale on the American market place. This is a good sign for anyone who may have thought that the system would be delayed or anything along those lines. It looks like Sony is really on the ball with this new console and they are already preparing for launch. The documents in the PS4 dev kit given to the FCC also reveal a “max clock frequency” of 2.75GHz for the console along with some other interesting details.

What is more interesting though is the fact that the PlayStation 4’s operating temperature is listed as being between five and 35 degrees Celsius, which is cooler than the PS3. While the PS3 is meant to run between 45 and 55 degrees Celsius, if it goes over 60 degrees you could encounter the infamous Yellow Light of Death, which reduces your PS3 to a bricked system. This fact might put some gamers at ease if they are using the console in a warm location.

The new console will weigh 2.8kg, which is quite impressive considering that the original PS3 weighed almost twice as much at 5kg. It looks like we will be getting a powerful system with a sleek design and minimal weight. Let’s hope that the lower operating temperature also leads to less fan noise.