prototype-action-figurePrototype will certainly be one of the best PC games this year if all the information we got regarding this game will prove to be 100% accurate. But since even the best titles need some extra things to make them even more appealing to potential buyers, Prototype will come with some free goodies, if you decide to pre-order the action game.

For example, if you choose to go to GameStop and pre-purchase Prototype, you can get a special action figure featuring the main character of the game, Alex Mercer plus a two-sided poster. Now I don’t want to sound mean, but the figure is not exactly the best looking one you can dream of, but at least it’s something extra, right? And it comes for free!

Back to these special offers, Hollywood Video/Game Crazy stores are offering some goodies too: a hardback art book featuring lots of artwork from the game, its characters and locations you’ll get the chance to explore. Finally, if you decide to go and pre-order Prototype from Amazon, you will get a special and limited edition of the Prototype comic book from Wildstorm Studios. So it’s really “pick and choose” here and only you can decide which offer seems to be the best.

Prototype is scheduled to be released this June.