pop-scrUbisoft has announced that it plans to release a downloadable content pack for their latest Prince of Persia game and, judging by it’s name – Prince of Persia Epilogue – it will offer those who played the game to the end and felt a bit disappointed a reason to carry on Prince’s adventure. However, doing something like that is like releasing episodic content without telling that in advance to players.

IGN had a chat with Jamal Rguigui, Associate Producer for the Epilogue DLC, who said “Without spoiling the end of the game to those who haven’t completed it, the DLC will develop the relationship between the Prince and Elika following the end of the game and will give additional narrative elements.”

He also revealed that it will add two new player skins, a new boss, a new area to explore, new moves – including a new power move that makes us think “Star Trek” since it’s named Energize and new dialogs between the characters. The Prince of Persia DLC will be released on February 26 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. PC owners of the game will be left with a permanent bitter taste, despite the generally positive quality of the game, as you can see in our Prince of Persia review.