Wii fitnessI strongly doubt the fact that there will be another fitness game as successful as Wii Fit, but Nintendo are giving it another go by releasing Walk With Me, a title applauded by many since it pushes people to go out and have a walk. Because, if you wish to be on top of the global leaderboards, you’ll have to keep on walking…

And you’ll have to do so with a DS in your pocked, since the game will only be available for the handheld. It is not very clear at the moment how does Walk With Me calculate how much you walked and how will it give you further advice to keep you fit, but there are reports regarding various minigames which will be available to make your daily exercising more fun.

Walk With Me will be released in Europe on February 20, so start training, since you’ll have a tough competition: for example, the world leader is a dog in Japan. I had no idea Bolt was Japanese…


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