fightinglegosLego videogames were highly successful and appreciated by fans worldwide, no matter if it’s Lego Star Wars, Batman or Indiana Jones we’re talking about. This is one of the reasons why a new Lego videogame is expected, but the series’ developers TT Games have made no announcement regarding their plans for the future.

Therefore, rumors started to surface the web, some claiming that a Lego: Harry Potter is going to be released, while others had an even more pessimistic view, anticipating an upcoming Lego: Rock Band game. Us, on the other hand, discovered that a new Lego game was just released – it’s a flash title called Lego Agents and, even though it is clearly not the title everybody is expecting, is still a good find.

However, earlier today a new discovery was made by Siliconera: Lego Battles, a Nintendo DS exclusive listed on Gamefly as a sure thing. Oddly enough, the game has Warner Bros attached as a publisher (they are the owners of TT Games) and they even report that the DS exclusive Lego Battles has a ESRB rating of E for Everyone.

What makes this find even stranger is its reported release date: April 30 this year, which is hard to believe having in mind that no official announcement has been made. Hopefully Warner Bros or TT Games will clear things out and let us know what’s the deal with this Nintendo DS exclusive Lego Battles DS game.