majescoA new title has been announced by Majesco for the Nintendo DS and this time it seems a bit more hardcore than the regular “casual, fun & furry” type of games that hit the DS recently. Developed by Wicked Studios, the game will be a tactical role playing game we’ll know from now on as Dawn of Heroes.

It will mix classical RPG elements like character development, epic combat, quest and puzzle solving with a humorous style, which is always a great thing. The game’s story is pretty simple: the Kingdom of Brimthule is in danger after the king sacrificed his life to destroy a big and ugly monster. However, an evil curse followed and now monsters and misfortunes plague the lands. Your mission, as you probalby imagine, is to put an end to all the problems.

Dawn of Heroes will bring you 50 main missions plus other sidequests, an incredible 25 playable character classes spawning six unique factions and detailed 3D visuals. Unfortunately Majesco did not release any images to tease the game, but we believe we’ll soon receive the first screenshots since the game is planned for a summer release.


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