gowA couple of days ago, Microsoft released a previously Gears of War 2 Collector’s Edition exclusive weapon via the Marketplace and every fan of the game was excited to hear that and probably most of them got the item. However, today Microsoft announced Joystiq that the release of the weapon (the Gold Lancer) was a mistake.

Therefore, the company plans to remove the weapon from all the people who grabbed it from the Xbox Marketplace, but it seems quite impossible to do, since it’s difficult for the company to tell which item was purchased and which was made available via the voucher code.

Even more, it appears that Microsoft experiences some kind of problems related to the Gold-Plated Lancer Assault Rifle release since it still is available in the marketplace, but for a price of 99999 MS Points. However, when it was first released (or leaked, or whatever the right term is), the weapon was free. The exact number of people who managed to grab it is unknown.