lego-agentsThere were all sorts of rumors regarding the upcoming Lego game, with titles from Lego Harry Potter to a new Lego Indiana Jones and even a Lego Rock Band being mentioned. Although we do not have any further or official details on that matter, we do know one thing: the latest title that allows you to play the lovable square characters is Lego Agents and it’s a completely free to play game!

There is indeed a catch – Lego Agents is a flash game (but a really, really good one, I must admit!) developed by Three Lemons, which is using a simulated 3D perspective to showcase the Lego products. Each level represents a mission that requires the players to chase a villain, interacting with high tech vehicles and having lots of free fun.

“The link between the game and the LEGO Agents product line is very strong, which indicates a good understanding of our products and communication guidelines making it a very good advergame not only for us but more importantly for the kids”, said Sten Lysdahl, Internet Content Manager at LEGO.

You can play Lego Agents for free here.


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