matrixWhen it comes to police forces and gaming, utterly stupid things can happen: we had in the past thieves stealing a game truck twice, we had a guy being arrested for having a Lara Croft poster… you know, strange things do happen. But today everything was taken to the next level, as two gamers were arrested in Denmark for loudly playing shooters on their PlayStation console (there’s no mention if it was a PS2 or PS3, but it doesn’t really matter).

The dudes were playing late at night (as it usually happens) with the sound volume a bit too loud for the neighbors who immediately called the police reporting they heard shooting from the apartment. The police responded rapidly and soon several groups of highly trained police officers were ready for intervention. What followed next can be compared to a Hollywood movie:

So the officers isolated the property, posted armed policemen all over the place and started call the suspects out of the building. Luckily, the two gamers heard the police and came out nicely – and a bit shocked, unaware of the fact that their game playing had caused so much trouble. Fortunately, after the police searched the place and found out which was the cause of the reported shooting, they allowed the two gamers to go back home. Now I just wonder what were they playing or how old the neighbors were, not being able to make a difference between real life and video games.

[Via ekstrabladet]