ps-homePlayStation Home is a community-based service (or virtual world – call it as you wish) created by Sony for the users of PlayStation 3 consoles. At the moment of writing this service is still in Beta Testing, but according to various reports, everything is going as planned with PSNH. Although the PlayStation Home itself is not a game, there are still some bonuses you can unlock. We have a list of them below.


Complete the following tasks in the Bowling Alley to get the indicated bonus:

Echochrome full figure costume: Get 3,000 points on Level A.
Echochrome T-shirt: Get 5,000 points on Level B.
Echochrome table: Get 20,000 points on Level C.
Echochrome thinking man figure: Get 10,000 points on Level B.
Echochrome decorative piece: Get 10,000 points on Level A.

Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker beanie hat: Complete level 5.
Ice Breaker pants: Complete level 13.
Ice Breaker penguin ornament/trophy: Complete level 20.
Ice Breaker shirt: Complete level 8.
Ice Breaker shoes: Complete level 16.