PS4 LogoUpcoming PS4 feature Share Play will be limited to 60-minute periods of play for the remote player, Sony has revealed.

The time frame for the features use was confirmed to Gamespot, following a report on French website Gameblog. There will however, be no limit on the amount of times you can use Share Play.

Share Play will be arriving on the console as part of the PlayStation 4 software update 2.00, which is due for release this fall. It has been described by Sony as a form of ‘virtual couch’: a way of getting the local co-op feeling without being in the same room.

How it works is the PlayStation 4 allows you to invite a friend to join your game, even if they do not own a copy of it and play co-operatively by giving the friend a stream of your screen.

It can also be used for single-player games, where the screen being sent will also pass on control of the game to the second player’s DualShock 4 pad so they can play solo whilst the first player watches. Useful for use when you are stuck at a certain point. Whilst the screen is being streamed the first player will not be able to use their console for other activities.

The stream for the game is likely cut out after the 60 minute time limit is used up, but you should be able to invite the friend back in straight away. The service will be compatible with all PS4 games.

What are your thoughts on this time limit? How much of a pain do you think this is or don’t you mind it?