Play This: Raze

Play This: Raze

Raze is a classic. Raze is a game that you get to play and love. Period. The same thing happened to our reader Thomas Richardson who decided to share with us his impressions on Raze in a well written review that I invite you to check out below:

Raze is a platform shooter game with the common alien, robot and zombie enemies that are invading earth and eating human brains. The graphics are okay, nothing extraordinary, so if you are a graphics freak then you will most likely hate this game.The game play of Raze is awesome and addicting, I could play this game for hours and not get tired of it! The storyline is not great but it isn’t so awful that you can’t stand it and it all pieces together nicely. If your the kind of person that likes lots of customization of characters, weapons etc.then this game isn’t one you are gonna like. There is a decent amount of character changes you can make, but no different weapons outside the 10 they give you (which isn’t too shabby).

The game only has a few minor glitches that I have found. if your computer or internet is slow, the shooting animation may mess up and you will have to quit the level and put the graphics to a lower quality. Another glitch I found was that sometimes my character would get stuck running in one direction and I had no control over him, again just quitting the level will fix this problem. These glitches have only happened to me twice out of the many times I have played the Raze.

Raze has something that I find interesting. Once you have beat the easy levels as a human the hard levels as an alien are unlocked. The game may seem easy and repetitive at first, but there are many different types of game play that is used throughout the game. The game has the normal shooter game deathmatch, but Raze also has team deathmatch, elimination, team elimination and juggernaut, which keeps the game play different and semi non-repetitive.

Over all Raze is the best flash shooter game I have ever played and for the consistent flash-game player that likes shooters, it’s and awesome, yet challenging game.

If you want to play Raze, head over to Armor Games and have fun!