I am sure you have already destroyed the world (virtually, of course) in many forms and ways, but never as a shark of the apocalypse who bites his way to the end of the world. Well, things will change now with New York Shark, a free to play flash game that gives you three sets of teeth, makes you invincible and sends you to destroy the world.

New York Shark is a very intense game and even though you know from start that nothing can harm or (or you know now if you didn’t!), it still proves to be extremely challenging: while quickly making your way to the water, destroying everything in sight – and I MEAN everything, from ships and submarines to King Kong itself and even Spiderman – you will have to click the buttons to bite your way through and cause as much havoc as possible.

The diversity doesn’t come from the gameplay itself, but from all the things that you must and can destroy, combined with the incredible pace of the game. I guess that one single go won’t last more than just a couple of minutes, but these are some intense minutes! And most likely you’ll want to play New York Shark again, because in the first go you’ll only learn how things are going and what you have to do. I, for example, was just able to eat King Kong’s head in the first go. Which is lame.

Either way, I am sure that you will be a lot more successful – and if not, at least you’ll enjoy a great game – so head over to Kongregate and give New York Shark a try!


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