Papa’s Pancakeria is the game I just can’t stop playing right now – I keep making ’em pancakes like it’s the end of the world and I keep saying “just one more minute and I quit”. Of course, I can’t do that and you won’t be able to do it either after you start to play Papa’s Pancakeria, an amazing flash game available for free over on Kongregate.

Basically, Papa’s Pancakeria is a time management game with some very unimpressive visuals. But clearly the visuals are not everything, because the game is so addictive and cool that, as I said, you can’t stop playing.

Your goal here is to take orders from your customers and make pancakes. However, that’s not an easy job: you’ll have to make sure that you keep them on the grill just as long as it is needed, then you must make sure that you place them on the plate nicely and, of course, that you use all the ingredients that your customers want. All this while taking orders and making sure that nobody waits for too long. A blast of an experience and an amazing game overall.

Add to the experience mini games, money that can be spent on shop upgrades (alarms when customers visit, when pancakes are ready and so on) and you’ll have a dream game that will certainly make you waste of your free and work time today. Well… as long as nobody catches you!

So really I would love to stay here and tell you more about Papa’s Pancakeria, but simply I can’t: I must return to the Pancakeria, it smells like something’s burning. But you can join Papa’s Pancakeria by clicking on the link and play the game for free. Good luck!