Zombies Inc. is a very interesting free flash game that, unfortunately for the diehard fans of the zombies is not entirely related to the brain eating walking dead. OK, we are talking about building an army of the undead and taking over the world, but Zombies Inc. is more of a time management game with zombies. So it’s all about the game mechanics!

This doesn’t mean that the game shouldn’t be played, on the contrary! Zombies Inc is pretty fun, especially for fans of the time management genre: the thing is that this game simulates real corporate life (and probably is also a small attack to it). There are four departments you have in your zombie company and each will help you achieve your goal to take over the world.

The “Zombies” department is where you create your armies of zombies and upgrade them. The Attack department is where all the action happens. The “Sales” department makes sure that you keep a steady flow of cash coming by researching and releasing new products for the zombies. And finally, there is the “Company Upgrades” – and I guess its name is pretty self-explanatory.

The game itself is a breeze to play: click your way through the screens while enjoying the cool graphics and learning your way through what is a pretty complex game, after all. So don’t take Zombies Inc lightly, it’s a very solid game! You can check it out here, available for free.

Also, as I promised, I have a Zombies Inc walkthrough to share with you in case taking over the world turns out to be too difficult. Check out the video walkthrough below:


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