I know that the language barrier is not something to stop the expert escape the room player from trying to complete a game (it even adds up to the challenge!), so I am sure that you already tried and loved playing Escape from the Back Alley – a Japanese escape the room game that comes with some really high quality gameplay and challenges. But this means that the game itself is really difficult so a guide might be needed to help you beat it. I am here to share with you a walkthrough for Escape from the Back Alley and I am sure you’ll find it very helpful (full solutions / codes at the end)

Complete Escape from the Back Alley walkthrough

– look down on map for HINT (colours)
– note compass direction (arrow points up = N)
– back up, open door & enter

– note red 8…
– look through hole
– note red 2 (mirrored!)…
– note KEY on door…
– 2x back, open door & go through (all doors heading TO main hall have a \ – back slash line – from the diamond pattern on them…!)

– open door in front of you & enter

– take PENCIL
– note: BOX (needs red 4-digit-code)…
– turn right
– note locked door…
– turn right again
– take UMBRELLA from door handle
– open \-door, go back in hall & turn left

– take ROD-1/2 right of door
– open door, go thru & note: red 6…
– back to hall, open door in front of you & enter

– solve PUZZLE on screen for CIRCLE KEY from CPU (click middle of shape at the end)
– go left, open door with round key & go thru corridor till another locked door
– use pencil on door (handle)
– remember other key in another door…
– go down & take ROD-2/2 in corridor
– back (yellow arrow), thru door, turn right & thru \-door in hall

– turn right & enter door

– take DIAMOND KEY fallen on floor under door with umbrella (as you used pencil from the other side…!)
– 2x back, thru \-door in hall & door in front of you

– turn right
– open door with diamond key & enter corridor
– take white CANVAS on wall
– go further in corridor (yellow arrow) & thru door
– take black SQUARE in front of you
– use pencil on square to have a MAP with HINT (number order)
– turn right & note: red 4…
– look up & use umbrella on LADDER
– look down & take CROSS KEY from floor
– climb up ladder & around corner (yellow arrow) to see, you need a bridge or similar…
– back around the corner & take LADDER STEPS at the end of balcony
– climb down ladder, back & turn 2x left or right
– open golden CUPBOARD with cross key for SCREWDRIVER
– go left, thru door, corridor, door & turn right
– open box according numbers & map hint for BOX with SCREWS (click rectangular button above display at the end)
– back, right, door, corridor, door right, ladder up till the end of

– build a BRIDGE: add screws on collected stuff (rods, canvas, steps) & use SD
– put bridge over GAP & go to the other side
– take TRIANGLE KEY from wall
– all the way back in hall, turn right & enter door

– turn left
– thru door & corridor
– open door with triangle key, enter & turn right

– just to have a look: turn 2x left or right to see a red 5 (Q.E.D. ☺)
– face door again
– look at each key & note NUMBERS…
– put CODE in (click shapes on door)
– click door to escape

In case you can’t get all of the codes, see:


– colours on map in hall (North up!):
– O –
Y – R
– R –
– screen (North to the left!):
– E –
N – S
– W –
– gives:
– R –
o – R
– Y –
– click letters on screen:
– 3 –
2 – 3
– 1 –

– red numbers on walls (according map, from start screen in hall):
1) West: 4 -> go South/2x left or right, door (tables), East/right, door, South/right in corridor, door & West/right
2) North: 8 -> go North/forward (door)
3) North: 5 (mirrored 2) -> go North/forward (8) & look thru hole
4) West: 6 -> go West/left & thru door
– gives code: 4-8-5-6

– on door: cross-triangle-circle-diamond
– numbers on keys (same shape order): 4-7-3-9

Cheers to Premiere on EG24 for creating this amazing walkthrough for Escape from the Back Alley!


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