Play This: Kill Me

Play This: Kill Me

If usually computer games challenge players to keep the main character alive and wreak havoc amongst others, there is a very small number of titles that requires the exact opposite – Kill Me is such a game and does the job so well that it grabs the free flash game of the day award here in the Unigamesity, with the mention that it’s been ages since I last played such an amazing and well done platformer!

In the game, you’ll have to help the hero, Invincible Man… die. He has a special ability that allows him to resurrect constantly and only a very powerful potion will take this beast of burden of his head. And if you think it will be easy, you’re wrong. But at least it will be incredibly fun!

Unlike other similar platformers (Karioshi is the first game that crosses my mind), Kill Me adds even more thinking into play and your goal is to survive each level… by using your own dead bodies. Sounds absolutely disgusting (but fun), and so it is: jumping from more than six tiles takes away one of your lives and so do spikes… and you only have three bodies to use around the levels by carrying, dropping or even throwing them around, which means that you’re in for a real treat!

And if the description seems to be that of a game that’s either incredibly boring or insanely stupid, please trust my words and head over to Kongregate and see it isn’t. Click this link and play Kill Me. Have fun!