It’s nice to start the week with a little brain training and that’s exactly what today’s free flash game of the day does: an amazing puzzler set in space, Galaxy Jumper is here to stay and to challenge everybody with its fabulous, simple and purely amazing gameplay.

“Purple galaxies, strange aliens and gigantic planets await you in this psychedelic platformer” – this is the official description of the game and it’s just a part of the goodness that awaits.

You are a Gollum-like creature wearing white boots and jumping from planet to planet in search for keys and energy coins. Not too much of a story – but puzzle games rarely need one!

Along the way, you will encounter all sorts of obstacles, from planets that become too hot if you sit on them for too long to alien entities that follow you like kamikazes, others that simply shoot at you and much, much more. The controls are really easy – mouse only – and you’ll only need to finish the first mission to understand how things work – that’s how simple Galaxy Jumper appears to be.

Because it really is a difficult game, especially once the levels go double digit. However, you’ll lose tons of time with this Galaxy Jumper since the levels are designed to seem short and, of course, you’ll wish to beat the game. Which might not be possible… but who knows?

Go to Kongregate and give Galaxy Jumper a try. Have fun!