So, do you feel you’re ready for a killing spree but you don’t have time for or you simply don’t wish to play MMOFPS? Things are really simple as your wish can come true with Ricochet Kills 2, today’s free flash game of the day that makes killing and puzzle solving a solid and pleasant equation.

In the game, the goal is simple: you must destroy all the enemies present on each level. But things are not that simple, since you only have a limited number of shots – arrows that ricochet off any areas, but never seem to go where you’d like them to. So you’ll have to think twice before shooting: you don’t want to hit that restart button and start it all over again, do you?

Unfortunately, Ricochet Kills 2 is a fun game at first but it gets really difficult very early on (like on the 5th level) and some shots for me at least seem to have more to do with luck than thinking about trajectories or taking advantage of the items on a given level…

However, for the extremely skilled gamer, today’s free flash game of a day might be a really cool time killer. So give it a try here and have fun!