Have you ever dreamed of becoming a firefighter? If you are a boy (and probably girls, too) – you certainly have! Of course, today you’re most likely sitting in front of a computer all day and have nothing to do with firefighting, but things are going to change, at least virtually, with today’s free flash game of the day, Inferno.

As you have guessed, Inferno puts you in the shoes of a brave firefighter and your goal is… well, obviously, to fight the burning flames. The official description reads:

Do you have what it takes to be the best firefighter ever? Fight the onslaught of fire in 20+ action-packed levels where you’ll have to outrun the clock and put the fire out before it consumes it all… even you! But beware: with a limited stash of water, you’ll need to use strategy and precision to make every drop count! Power-Ups, Achievements and High Scores await! It’s getting hot in here…

And indeed it does, especially after you complete the first few levels and learn the basics: the controls are really simple (WASD plus mouse for aiming your hose and shooting water) and the gameplay is really well done. Even more, you’ll be able to use the water as a jetpack and reach heights you can’t jump to and that’s a great feeling as well. Except for that, instead of upgrades to your stats, you’ll meet houses filled with oil barrels and fireworks and you will probably understand why you haven’t become a fireman in the first place: because it’s really tough out there!

Head over to Kongregate, play Inferno and have fun!