As I’ve always stated, I’m a sucker for anything related to zombies and you can imagine how happy I was when I found out about a game with a title as cool as Zombies Took My Daughter. Fortunately, this free game was not just a good title but an awesome final product and therefore it grabbed the free flash game of the day award here in the Unigamesity.

The story is pretty simple: a zombie infestation has erupted and your daughter Anna has disappeared – therefore, you decide to go and rescue her by yourself, battling against the hordes of zombies.

The basic concept is also pretty simple: Zombies Took My Daughter is a side scrolling action game with different types of weapons, with enemies to have fun with and a simple objective.

Then… what makes this game so special? Certainly it’s the fact that you will collect weapons and items from dead bodies, find them in recycle bins and in abandoned houses. Also the fact that you can actually enter abandoned houses searching for goodies is a bonus by itself – not to mention that anything that heavy or pointy enough can become a weapon (from umbrellas to fire extinguishers).

You will also travel from an area to another using the subway – which takes time and you only have 36 hours to save your daughter; you can find clues that tell you which areas Anna is not in and there is more strategy involved in the game that you might initially think there is. Add to that top notch visuals and pretty simple controls and you have a really cool zombie game to have fun with.

If you don’t believe me, simply head over to Kongregate and play Zombies Took My Daughter. Have fun!