Today’s game can be considered part of a classic franchise already, since most of the tower defense games have lost at least a couple of hours playing one of the titles in the series. Protector IV Mercenary takes things to a whole new level, winning Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award.

The official description tells us about the game: “The ultimate Protector experience. Protector 4 takes the now classic gameplay and expands on it massively. Work as a mercenary for 11 different factions using 46 unique units. Hire your entourage from a selection of 100 heroes and use them to slay monsters, earn rewards and collect powerful treasure across the entire kingdom of Arkandia!

Finish your Protectomon collection and uncover ancient artifacts for your heroes with the help of Arkandia Jones the explorer.”

Unfortunately, the only problem of the game is related to the graphics: these look a bit outdated and until you get the hang of the game with all the upgrades, you’ll certainly feel a bit lost. Therefore, the tutorial is a must play even for the veterans of the genre, otherwise you’ll miss some really important features.

So if you wish to play a quality free flash game, head over to Kongregate and enjoy Protector IV!


  1. Instead of the graphics, still pretty decent, I’ve found the sound FX to be more annoying… Even so, really a challenging and funny game on its own; a shame not so easy to learn for first-time gamer of the franchise (or at least that’s what I read) and the protectorpedia doesn’t help much…


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