Fairy tales are no longer what they used to be and that is not really a problem since the result is fun and exciting: Twisted Fairytales: Robin Hood, today’s free flash game of the day reinvents the classic tale and tells it through a new perspective.

Twisted Fairytales: Robin Hood is a really fun and well done “spot the difference” type of game which is presented like a comic book telling the new Robin Hood tale (which, just to be sure things are clear, has nothing to do with the movie and little to do with the original tale).

Vivid and colorful graphics that are incredibly well done, some tough to find differences (but you’ll get help from an intuitive hint system) are the things that make this free flash game a nice play now at the end of the week.

So if you’re feeling bored or on the contrary, eager to test out your skills, follow this link and play today’s free flash game of the day, Twisted Fairytales: Robin Hood. Have fun!