Being the first artificial intelligence that becomes self aware sounds really cool, doesn’t it? Well,that’s exactly the character you’ll play if you try out today’s free flash game of the day, Ghost Guidance. And you really should since it’s fun, it beats stress away and, well, it’s the flash game of the day!

Basically a slow paced side scrolling shooter in which you have to shoot everything in sight, Ghost Guidance comes with a few interesting concepts, like the option you have to take over enemy ships. Therefore, if the ship you’re controlling is destroyed but you still have some energy left, you can move over an enemy ship and take control of it and all its abilities! Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, it is! Especially since you have intense boss battles from the first stage and each ship has its own pros and cons, generally based on faster fire rates.

Everything would be perfect with Ghost Guidance, especially since the visuals are really top notch – but there’s a little boo-boo: there’s absolutely no points you can earn so if you destroy 100 enemy ships or 1, in the end it will be about the same. That certainly becomes a turn down for the more competitive gamers, but since the game is rather short and slow paced, it can be tried like a relaxation method if not a fully fledged game.

So head over to Kongregate and give Ghost Guidance a try. You’ll certainly like this game!