2D fighting, gore and tons of fun sound great to you? Then you definitely have to give The Black Heart a try, a game that could be described as Sin City meets Splatterhouse meets Street Fighter. Interested already? Then read on to find out more about this FREE game you can download right now!

Created with the MUGEN Engine and managing to squeeze the best out of it, The Black Heart is created by Andrés Borghi, a well known name for the MUGEN community.

The game has a story that could be compared to that of the Mortal Kombat series, including a different world “that was once beautiful but now is a hostile place ruined by war and hate” and supernatural characters and powers – exactly what you can expect to find in any 2D fighting game.

So head on to the game’s official website and download it – you won’t regret it at all and you will certainly enjoy the amazing characters (unfortunately, just 6 of them) created by the developer. And don’t forget to come back and share your opinion on The Black Heart once you’ve played it for a while!