Play This: Escape from the Device-Filled Room

Play This: Escape from the Device-Filled Room

It’s been some time since I last played a decent escape the room flash game and fortunately today I found Escape from the Device-Filled Room, a title that managed to fill my need meter. And I am sure it will do the same with yours – if you have one. If not, just give the game a try and you’ll see that it’s really one worth playing!

I guess that the name of the game says it all about the content: you’re trapped inside a room filled with strange devices and your challenge will be to find a way to work with them and escape the room as fast as possible.

Even though the devices, as I said, are aplenty, Escape from the Device-Filled Room makes sense and even though it’s challenging and quite difficult to finish, you won’t get madly stuck somewhere along the way: it’s a logical way to solve all the puzzles!

So if you’re a fan of escape the room games, then you should definitely try out today’s top title, Escape from the Device-Filled Room.