Zynga has released sooner than I’ve expected a storage building in CastleVille, the Storage Cellar, allowing us to store some of the items that we’ve purchased instead of selling them or, even worse, having them crowded in our already small kingdoms.

I am sure that you want to find out everything about the Storage Cellar in CastleVille, so read on for all the details!

So, you will start by purchasing the Storage Cellar from the CastleVille store for 10,000 coins and you’ll only need regular materials to have it built: 5 Stone and 15 Wood Logs.

As soon as you finish building your Storage Cellar, you have 50 storage spots, but if you want to you can immediately start the upgrade of the cellar to hold 100 items, and for that you will need 10 Stone Block, 10 Wood Plank and 3 Coat of Arms (you will need to ask your friends for these).

How to store items in the Storage Cellar?
That’s pretty easy, actually: all you have to do is to click the original move button (in the lower right corner of the game screen) and then click the new Store option that has been introduced.

And that’s it for now – most likely new upgrades will be released in time.