The release of the storage feature in CastleVille with the introduction of the Storage Cellar in the game was followed by a new series of missions related to the new feature, the Storage Cellar missions – five new goals for you to complete. Although these are not difficult missions sent over by the gods from Zynga, I am sure that you’re curious to find out all the details about them so read on to be the first to know it all!

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The End Is Near? mission

– Visit 6 Neighbors and tell them to Remain Calm
– Feed 10 Animals in your Kingdom
– Have a Storage Cellar (get it in the market)
Rewards: 300 coins, 3 XP

Save for the End of Time mission

– Store 5 items in your new Storage Cellar
– Harvest 25 crops in your Kingdom
– Fish 6 times in yours or your neighbors’ Kingdom
Rewards: 500 coins, 5 XP

Digging Deeper mission

– Upgrade your Storage Cellar (to do it, click the Storage Cellar and gather the required materials)
– Craft 5 Wood Planks
– Banish 1 Beastie in a Neighbor’s Kingdom
Rewards: 1,000 Coins, 10 XP and 1 Energy Potion (Gives 5 Energy)

Restoration Preparation mission

– Buy 2 Sheep
– Have 2 Animal Treats (find them in the Market, under the Consumables tab)
Rewards: 100 coins, 10 XP

More in Store mission

– Upgrade your Storage Cellar to hold 200 items
– Have 5 Thick Books (ask friends for them)
Rewards: 1,500 coins, 20 XP and Bottomless Pit Royal Decoration.

And these are the Storage Cellar missions in CastleVille, I hope you’ll have a great time completing them!

[source: Zynga forums]