Hey, do you still remember those things you used ages ago to play games with and against your friends… something called playing cards? If you do – and you MUST if you’re older than 15 – then you certainly remember a fun and fast card game called War. Well then, today’s free flash game of the day, Bird Pax, will bring back some sweet memories!

Bird Pax is basically War taken to a whole new level and with a new set of virtual playing cards. The decks are made of playing cards with different types of bird families (colors) where each bird has a different Pax value (wingspan). Just like the game of War, two people are playing and the biggest card wins.

However, unlike the classic card game, Bird Pax only gives you 6 cards and you can see them instead of randomly drawing them from the deck. Also, you can trigger Pax by choosing to play a bird card from the same family (color) as your opponent and there’s no limit of Pax’s you can trigger during one hand. It starts to sound awfully complicated? It’s not, it’s really fun actually, once you understand the easy rules.

And rules always seem to be more difficult when told, so head over to Kongreagte and try out your strategy with today’s free flash game of the day, Bird Pax. Have fun!