Flash games are slowly become solid competitors to mainstream games, thanks to their greatly increasing quality. One proof that pretty soon things might change in the gaming world is Castaway, an amazing RPG that makes us remember the good old times, thanks to both visuals and gameplay. So read on to find out more about today’s free flash game of the day, Castaway.

The beginning of the game reminded me of Risen – you find yourself on an apparently deserted island, not knowing what happened, but ready to explore. Things get more interesting when, immediately afterwards, an one-eyed green monster decides to follow you around and help (your first pet). Pretty soon, you’ll find out that an inhabited village is nearby – named Castaway – but it’s being plagued by monster attacks and, of course, it will be you who has to help. And the real fun begins!

In terms of gameplay, Castaway is a classic top down RPG but unfortunately you control your character using the keyboard and not the mouse. Pretty soon you’ll get used to this, though and thankfully, the game has an auto-follow option that allows you to click a monster to attack and your character will find his way to there. There’s a lot of fighting to be done, lots of monster-pets to have with you and leveling up options, so you will never get bored.

Be warned though, the game has no auto-save feature, meaning that you can only manually save your progress while in the village – a pretty neat thing that makes us remember that back in the days real games were meant to be difficult.

The visuals are also really charming and old-school and overall Castaway is a title that could’ve been sold for at least 10 bucks on online portals. So enjoy the fact that it’s free to play and have fun with it!