Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale was used as inspiration for today’s free flash game of the day, The Tin Soldier, but it seems that only the creepy parts were kept (and many more were introduced), with the result being an awesomely creepy point and click adventure game that will certainly stick to your mind for a little while…

The black and white visual approach of The Tin Soldier is certainly the first thing you’ll notice and at the same time the first thing that will make you keep playing. You’ll be thrown into the game directly, without any intros or such and you’ll discover the story while you progress – a creepy, gloomy one that manages to keep the tension levels high without presenting any actual violence or scare-moments. Which is always a proof of quality, I reckon.

The Tin Soldier is easily played with the mouse and the puzzles are usually pretty straightforward, even though you might get stuck every now and then, not understanding the “dialogs” or the actual amount of clicking you’ll have to do. Still, the experience is great and the game is one of really high quality, so you’ll definitely wish to give this one a try.

So head over to the game’s official website and play The Tin Soldier. Have fun!