Measured Software announced today the release of its most recent sports title for iOS systems, Peugeot Pocket Racing. This game allows players to race all over the world through 11 exhilarating circuits. There are many cars to choose from like the super-sporty 208 GT and over 50 achievements to be unlocked. The company explained Peugeot Pocket Racing’s gameplay mechanisms:

This is high-octane racing at its best. Racing everywhere from the UK to the USA and Spain to Singapore, gamers steer cars around the tricky tracks using either on-screen buttons or tilt controls. Responsive handling is complemented by automatic acceleration and gear-changing, with fine-tuning of cornering sensitivity and downforce all part of the user experience.

Peugeot Pocket Racing has three distinctive gaming modes, the Tour mode, the Time Trial mode and the Cone Challenge mode. The first one introduces a set of beginning “practice laps”, where players learn how to master the mechanisms and unlock new car classes. The Time Trial mode is about exasperating yourself, the goal is to obtain the best result in a certain race. Lastly, the Cone Challenge mode is an interactive race type, where players can win or lose points according tot heir driving skills, the more accurate, the better.