Complete the Lyric is the ultimate puzzle game for music lovers as it challenges you to complete the lyrics of great and well (or lesser) known songs. It’s pretty difficult, and this is exactly why we are here – to help you with the answers for Complete the Lyric for iPhone and iPad and help you keep moving forward. It’s tough, but the cavalry is here!

In order to make things even easier for you with the Complete the Lyric answers for the first 10 levels, we have the lyrics too in case you get lost. Have fun now, and let us rest because it was difficult!

Complete the Lyric Level 1 answer

Lyrics: Party rock is in the ____ tonight, everybody…
Answer: House

Complete the Lyric Level 2 answer

Lyrics: girl and I liked it, the taste of her ___ chapstick
Answer: Cherry

Complete the Lyric Level 3 answer

Lyrics: jeans, boots with the fur, the whole ___ looking at her
Answer: Club

Complete the Lyric Level 4 answer

Lyrics: Mister, your girl, she ____ it
Answer: loves

Complete the Lyric Level 5 answer

Lyrics: Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel ___
Answer: room

Complete the Lyric Level 6 answer

Lyrics: I feel so close to you right now, it’s a ___ field
Answer: Force

Complete the Lyric Level 7 answer

Lyrics: My milkshake brings all the boys to the ___ they’re like: It’s better than yours
Answer: Yard

Complete the Lyric Level 8 answer

Lyrics: Dip it low, pick it up ___, roll it all around throw it out like your back…
Answer: slow

Complete the Lyric Level 9 answer

Lyrics: Everybody in the club getting tipsy / I think I can’t get ____
Answer: tipsy

Complete the Lyric Level 10 answer

Lyrics: Door, just turn around ___ cus you’re not welcome anymore
Answer: Now

And this is it! The first 10 songs have been completed and I must admit that I had some problems with some of the lyrics here, but I am glad we managed to do it and hopefully it was helpful for you too!

Update: We have found the answers to 10 more levels and shared them with you in our new Complete the Lyric answers article! Make sure to check it out!