The fun continues in Complete the Lyric and here on Unigamesity with 10 more answers, this time all the way to level 30 in this great puzzle and party game for iPhone and iPad. So in case you get stuck somewhere and simply can’t remember (or don’t know) the word, we are here to help with our Complete the Lyric answers for levels 21 – 30.

In case you need help with the previous songs, we have more answers for you here in the archive or easily accessed via the next links: level 1 – 10 & level 11 – 20. Now have fun with the new challenges below!

Complete the Lyric Level 21 answer

Lyrics: Found a girl and you’re ___ now
Answer: Married

Complete the Lyric Level 22 answer

Lyrics: To Myself, What a wonderful ___
Answer: World

Complete the Lyric Level 23 answer

Lyrics: Thank God you blew it, I thank God I ___ the bullet, I’m so over you
Answer: Dodged

Complete the Lyric Level 24 answer

Lyrics: My first love broke my heart for the first ___ and I was like: baby, baby, baby
Answer: Time

Complete the Lyric Level 25 answer

Lyrics: Do you ___ me now that I…
Answer: Love

Complete the Lyric Level 26 answer

Lyrics: Some people ___ I’m bonkers, but I just think I’m free
Answer: Think

Complete the Lyric Level 27 answer

Lyrics: Hot night ___ blowing, where you think you’re going baby?
Answer: Wind

Complete the Lyric Level 28 answer

Lyrics: Share my ___ take me for
Answer: Life

Complete the Lyric Level 29 answer

Lyrics: I like big ___ and I cannot lie, You other brothers can’t deny and when a girl…
Answer: Butts

Complete the Lyric Level 30 answer

Lyrics: Tonight I want to ___ you off
Answer: Show

And this is it! We have completed 10 more levels in this amazing game and we had a great deal of fun. Hopefully you had fun too and found our answers extremely helpful!