Little pets are just so adorable. What more if your pets can have their own pets?

If fishes have fingerlings your cuddly creatures in the Pet Society can have their petlings too! That’s what they call the pets for the pets in the game (now that’s so redundant isn’t?). This is one of the latest options that Playfish gave to the fanatics just so you can open up your wallets in Pet Society or even your real wallets as well!

Go to the Boutique section of the game (the Cash Shop). There you can find the little adorable Lamb Petling. It would only take 20 Playfish Cash from your Pet Society wallet just to have one of these. You can check out the fan page of the Pet Society to confirm this news. But there are rumors that this would only be available until the 1tth of this month. It is still not clear if Playfish would make the Lamb Petlings as a permanent addition to the lineup of the game’s cute creatures.

Just to make sure, get one of these little lambs before it’s gone. On the other hand, you can give your current petlings a makeover by using the Petling Potion to give them a different look!