In any Facebook game, everybody wants to have as much coins as they can get. So if you are a Fishville aficionado, you might want to try this out to earn money in the fastest possible way. If you’re the type of Fishville player who can spend time waiting for the eggs to drop just so you can catch them, they you can probably do this too! Check out the two fat fishes that can help you earn money in the game.

Red Spot Cardinal – this costs 15 coins each. But once it hatches, you can sell it for 38 coins per fish! Therefore, each fish will give you a profit of 23 coins. Now how about getting 15 Red Spot Cardies in the tank? Now that would be about 345 after selling, right?

Mini Dart Goby – this is two times lower than the cardinal. For only 7 coins each you will get to grow these fingerlings within 5 minutes! Then sell it for 18 coins each. If you really want to earn more then have 15 gobies at your tank all at the same time. Within 5 minutes, you will gain as much as 165 coins in just a short span!