Restaurant City is one of the most addicting games in FB. With every upcoming occasion, Playfish sees to it that you will also get to celebrate it at their simulated café as well. Probably by now you’re already aware that the theme is all about Easter. Playfish made it sure that you will enjoy celebrating the all-bunny-and-egg event even at the comfort of your own home.

  • Can’t get out on Easter Sunday to do the traditional egg hunting? Why not visit your friends’ restaurant and find as much as 11 eggs by cleaning their place? In return, you will get a bonus coin as your reward for the good deed.
  • Learn the recipe to create Chocolate Egg.
  • Three new dishes to learn in time for Easter: Hot Easter Chocolate, Hot Cross Buns, and Easter Lab with Herbs. Unfortunately, this could only last for 27 days. If you are an aficionado and you want each and every new dish in RC to be part of your menu, then start looking for the right ingredients now!
  • Ask your friends to give you a gift for Easter. Tell them to help you gather the Easter ingredients needed to complete the said recipes.

Though this would not require you to go out of the room, celebrating Easter in RC can still be a lot of fun. Besides, you can don on your full bunny costume while playing and no one else would find it hilarious (unless you invite them over and see how foolishly looking you are!)