If you’re a Facebook user, you have certainly heard about FarmVille if you’re not already a huge fan. But did you know that there are more virtual farming games available on Facebook, and some of them are absolutely amazing? If you didn’t check out below the list of the best 10 virtual farming games on Facebook!

10. FarmValley
This game looks like and anime adventure of the mid 90’s, but it’s still fun to play – especially by those who love that style. It doesn’t bring anything new into play, but it might be a good alternative for those who want to try out something new.

9. Karma Farm
Not your regular farming game, this one comes with a top down view of your farm and it’s less animated than your regular Facebook games. But it still is fun to play, if you’re a fan of such games. And since you can even go hunting in Karma Farm, you have lots of options not to get bored!

8. Farm Pals
Not your regular farming game – since your neighbors can steal from you – but certainly one that adds a bit of excitement into play. I am not personally a fan of this game, but many of my friends are, especially because of the different gameplay mechanics.

7. Lovely Farm
A new and generally overlooked virtual farming game, Lovely Farm is indeed lovely. It has an amazingly cool design and has tons of potential to become one of the most popular games on Facebook if it gets lucky enough to get a few active users and nice reviews. Let’s just hope that the developers keep up the good work and add a bit of extra content. A must try game, though!

6. Jungle Extreme
Tigers, exotic animals and plants – that’s what you get to play with in Jungle Extreme, a really nice virtual farming game on Facebook. There are some new and interesting gameplay mechanics – like cutting trees and using a lantern to see when it’s dark and the overall quality of the game is high! Give it a try and see for yourself!

5. Farm Town
One of the original farming games on Facebook, Farm Town lacks the great design of other games, but still has some unique features, like the possibility to hire other players to work on your farm! The developers are adding new content happy, so if you don’t care too much about the looks, this game might be a hit for you!

4. Farm Country
This game looks a lot like FarmVille in my opinion, but still has its own flavor. It’s quirky and fun, it has content added regularly and it certainly shows it’s no pushover. There are areas that can be improved but, hey! all games have those!

3. Barn Buddy
A really cute game with hand drawn visuals, this simply made me love it because of its looks and the cuteness of the animals. Because, really, once you see those big, wet eyes, you can’t think about anything else! Give this game a try and see for yourself!

2. Island Paradise
In my opinion, this is the only game that deserves the title of “FarmVille killer” – because it really has potential. Of course, it’s very far away from the popularity and depth of Zynga’s game, but it’s one of the best games you can play on Facebook – even though it gets a bit annoying with all those pop-ups. But still a great, fun game!

1. FarmVille
THE virtual farming game on Facebook and also the most popular game there, Zynga’s title simply does everything you can wish for from a farming game. It has content added regularly, it has a solid, active player base, it has tons of stuff to keep you busy – there’s no wonder why this game is the most popular Facebook game. Because it is the best of its genre!


  1. i have played several of the other farming games but by far farm town is my favorite!!!!! farmville is fun but a little too kiddy but i do play it!! but farm town is the bomb i love the social aspect from getting to go to the market! i have met “farmers” from all over the world!!

  2. Lovely Farm may have nice graphics, but the game economy is horrible. You make very little gold for each harvest and items cost in the thousands. Not to mention the 50,000 price tag for the 2nd expansion (150,000 for the 3rd). Either way, It appears the the game has been abandoned. No one has heard a peep out of the devs in over a month.

    I recommend taking a look at Fantasy Kingdoms. It’s a farming game with a magical twist where you grow ingredients for elixirs, enchant your neighbor’s crops and empower artifacts all while building the greatest kingdom in the land. The dev team from Sneaky Games is also VERY active in the player community, which is extremely important.

  3. why cant I play happy acres on facebook any more it is on gameroom now and I find the picture on the screen not as good I have played it for a long time and may look for a different game now

  4. why cant I get Happy acres on facebook any more it is on gameroom now and the picture is not as could you cant see all of the farm.I have played it for a long time but might not play it now


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