This year is almost over (and it’s been a great game for social gamers with tons of innovative features brought in to the games), so we should look back and try to make a list of all the games that meant something in this past year. Therefore, I am presenting you with the first and only GOTY awards for Facebook titles, the Best Facebook Games of the Year 2010, here in the Unigamesity!

10. Zuma Blitz

Just launched, PopCap’s Zuma Blitz is already proving to be a hit, even though it’s the least social game on our list. But since it’s Zuma we’re talking about and overall a great game with tons of power-ups and friends to challenge, I think that this game deserves it’s place on this list and, even though it is limited in terms of possible extra content, it’s still fun and addictive as hell!

9. Restaurant City

Although not one of the most popular games, Restaurant City has a ton of diehard fans and it appears to be that kind of a game that you either fall madly in love with or completely ignore. I think that more people should try and move to the first category because Restaurant City is charming and with solid game mechanics, without being as time consuming as other social games out there.

8. Nighclub City

The glamor, the stars and your own nightclub to manage – this is what this game offers to its players and it seems to be enough for most of us. Again a title that doesn’t need you to be online 24/7, Nightclub City is that kid of title that proves that good music and (virtual) dancing can turn you into a fan even if the game itself doesn’t offer that much gameplay-wise!

7. Monster World

Explore a strange and mysterious land while you grow and harvest Chocolate Flowers, Unicorn Trees, Lemonade Bushes and many other plants. Expand and decorate your very own monster patch! Probably one of the biggest surprises in the social games area!

6. FarmVille

Everybody used to play FarmVille until late this year, but with so many cool games available, Zynga’s leading title started to sink a little. However, FarmVille remains one of the best Facebook games out there and the simple fact that it still is one of the most popular ones despite being so “old” and basically unable to offer anything new in terms of gameplay, makes it a title to follow and appreciate. And, why not, restart playing if you stopped a while ago…

5. Crime City

Personally, I am not into “gangster” games and prefer the cooperative part of social games instead of the competitive one, but Crime City is a game you have to love, especially because it managed to bring in a welcomed change to the static, 2D world of “mafia” games. Looking like an old school RPG, with missions and tons of areas to explore, Crime City is a must play – at least once – this year!

4. Backyard Monsters

Once more a game that focuses more on the competitive aspects of Facebook gaming and probably the best one in its genre. Backyard Monsters is a strategy title from those who bring us the beloved Tower Defense games, so you should believe me when I say that this game is really well made and a perfect choice for anybody who wants to see if they can lead an army of critters to victory.

3. Ravenwood Fair

Surprisingly, this game managed to live (and even prosper) even after it was blacklisted for a while by Facebook and even though it lost tons of players during that period of time. However, it came back as a blast and I’m sure that we’ll hear more about this game in 2011, when Ravenwood Fair has the potential to grow madly because of its amazing gameplay and fun concept.

2. FrontierVille

I consider FrontierVille, at the same time, Zynga’s most promising game ever released, the most underrated game of the year and the biggest flow. Yes, all at the same time. In concept, FrontierVille is brilliant and back when it was launched, it offered something we had never seen in social games (“living” environments, missions-based gameplay) but was later plagued by the BegVille syndrome and the fact that none of the “coming soon” areas actually made it to the game. Still, FrontierVille remains one of the best games you can play on Facebook and I urge you to go and give it a try!

1. CityVille

Launched in early December, CityVille is already the most popular game on Facebook and that’s certainly something to win you a big prize. The game is indeed the best city sim I’ve seen on Facebook but, in my opinion, it has very little land to grow and expand, so we might see it drop in rankings in the months to come. But since right now CityVille is the king of the pack, it deserves the award as the Best Facebook Game of the Year 2010.

What social games would you like to see on this list?