As you might have noticed, you sometimes receive 3 Spring Eggs for your FarmVille Spring Basket instead of the regular egg. If you’re wondering how is that even possible and what to do in order to send 3 Spring Eggs instead of one – read on and follow the instructions!

The FarmVille 3 eggs is not a bug, nor a glitch: it is a way from Zynga to welcome new players, allowing them to send 3 eggs instead of one. So all new FarmVille players are getting this by default.

But what to do if you want to send 3 Eggs yourself (or receive from your friends three eggs)? It’s pretty simple. There are some links out in the wild you can click on and send 3 Free Spring Eggs. Check them out below and make sure you share them with your friends!

3 Blue Spring Eggs

3 Orange Spring Eggs

3 Pink Spring Eggs

3 Purple Spring Eggs

3 Red Spring Eggs