It’s once again holiday time in FarmVille with Zynga releasing the Spring Basket, a new item that allows us to collect goodies and share them for cool decorations for our farm. Everything you need to know about the Spring Basket/Easter Basket in FarmVille will be in this article, so start reading!

“The spring bunny is coming and has left eggs all over Farmville! Place your basket on your farm and fill it with eggs from your friends or hidden in friends’ farms!” – this is the pop-up you’ll get as soon as you log in. But what is the Spring Basket?

Similar to the Christmas Tree or Pot of Gold, it’s a basket where you’ll collect eggs from your friends or found on your farm and you can trade these eggs for all sort of decorations.

So what items can you get from the FarmVille Spring Basket? Here is the FULL list:

Mystery Egg for 10 Spring Eggs
Sunny Ewe for 20 Spring Eggs
Bunny Gnome for 30 Spring Eggs
Guilded Egg for 40 Spring Eggs
Flower Fountain for 75 Spring Eggs
Dutch Windmill for 150 Spring Eggs

Also, once you redeem any of these great prizes, you can post a notice on your wall and search one similar item with your neighbors, so make sure you keep an eye on your wall as well!

How to get more Spring Basket Eggs? It’s pretty simple: you will be allowed to receive them as gifts from your neighbors (There are 5 different types of eggs they can send, but there’s really no difference between them), you can ask for Spring Eggs from your neighbors or find them while working on your farm and fertilizing neighbor crops.

So start gathering the Spring Eggs right away and get that awesome Dutch Windmill now!